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Closed until Spring 2021

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Russ Tappen

Why Glacier Hills Association?

    Thanks to foresight of those who came before us, our neighborhood is fortunate enough to have over 20 acres of parklands. On these parklands is a 2 acre spring feed pond, walking paths, ball field, play ground, BBQ pavilion and in the center of it all is a 25 meter pool facility, something for all ages. The facility operates for more than half the day during the summer starting in the morning with one of the three swim team practices. The facility opens at noon for the membership and remains open for 8 hours. During this time kids of all ages are using the pool or one of our other venues, playing, interacting and becoming a part of a community at large, learning how to work together to accomplish a goal. When the summer ends and they return to school, already socially interactive, they help each other.
    With all these kids comes parents, who are very active. Working together on activities or communities the parents become friends as well. We see it at the weekly BBQ events, a place where all are welcome.
    For 50 years, these events and BBQs have made childhood memories that last a life time, friendships too. Those generation who have moved on and remain in contact saw it to be so. Special memories of a place where anything is possible and things are what you make of them.
    Glacier Hills is a special place in what it has to offer. What make it truly unique is the effort of the people who live and bring up families here. The effort of making a better place to live. for those who come after us, the children. A tight knit community the grows stronger with every generation. This is something not found on  any map: Thats why Glacier Hills. 

7 Forum Court,

Morris Plains, NJ

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