All members are required to complete this form when:

  1. Bringing 6 or more guests and

  2. Plan to reserve any portion of the GHA facility or

  3. Using any part of the facility during the off season

General policy:

  1. Only members in good standing may request a reservation for an event.

  2. GHA park lands are open dawn to dusk.

  3. The responsible member or alternate responsible member must attend the event requested.

  4. Incomplete event request forms will be returned to the applicant. No date will be held until a completed form is re-submitted and approved.

  5. GHA facility rules, regulations and procedures apply to all events.

  6. The operating season begins the opening day of the GHA pool and ends Monday, labor day

  7. Reservations for dates within the operating season may be submitted no earlier than April 1st

  8. Operating season events are over when the pool closes. The event has 1 hour to clean up and vacate GHA property. Road gate must be closed and locked by the responsible member.

  9. Reservations will be honored based on a receipt of E.R.F(event request form) on a first come first serve basis.

  10. Fees:  No deposits required. 

    1. Weekday: (Without prepaid coupon): $5 per person

    2. Weekend: (Without prepaid coupon): $5 per person

    3. No charge for children under one year of age.

    4. No charge for non-swimming Senior Citizens (65 years), otherwise they will be charged ½ of the coupon guest fee

  1. For a fundraiser to occur on GHA property, all proceeds must benefit the Glacier Hills Association.

  2. For events that take place in the off season, the park lands should be left the way they were found.  All debris and recycling must be carried in/carried out. The road gate must be closed and locked upon leaving by the responsible member. 

  3. Event Request Forms may be picked up and dropped off at the facility office during operational season.  Forms are also available on the GHA website.  Forms must be submitted to the GHA Park Committee Chair during the off season.

  4. The half of the pavilion closest the cabana is not available for reservation.

  5. Reservations less than area capacity will be subject to share your area at the discretion of the facility director.


GHA sponsored events retains the right to exceed the limits set forth, for the benefit of the entire membership. All committees must submit Event Request Forms.


Any failure to comply with these rules shall be considered sufficient cause for immediate suspension of facility privileges for the offending member for a period of 1-7 days.


Water is not available during the off season. The pool gate and cabana must be closed and locked when the pool is not open.




Approved: GHA Park Comm. Chair or facility director:



Signature: ____________________________________________ Date: _______________

NOTE:You will receive the above form signed as proof of approval.

Event Request Form Application

Pool     Cabana     Playground     Blacktop Area     Field     Horse Shoe Pit

Acceptance Clause:

I have read the GHA Park Facility Rules, Regulations and Procedures.  I understand them and will comply.  I am also aware I am responsible for ensuring that the proper guest fees have been paid and that the guests wear guest bracelets.  According to the GHA Park Facility Rules, Regulations and Procedures suspension of my facility privileges may occur if I defraud Glacier Hills Association.

Facilities to be used, not reserved (List all that apply)