Membership ID Cards

9 And Under

No Picture

Can't Come Alone

Can't Bring A Guest

10 - 13

Must Pass Swim Test


Can Come Alone

Can't Bring A Guest

14 And Up


Can Come Alone

Can Bring A Guest

As approved by vote of the membership, the association will be issuing membership ID cards to its members. Members 10 and older will be issued a photo ID. The ID cards will replace the paper sign in sheet and instead, your ID card will be scanned at the gate by a life guard. There are 3 types of cards, each card will be color coded base on whether or not you can come alone or bring a guest. Members will be issued new cards when their color designation changes, otherwise, Your ID card is good for as long as you're a member.

We are asking members ages 10 and up to come to the pool facility office over the next two Wednesdays (May 29th and June 5th) from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM, to get their picture taken and receive their card. Non-Photo IDs can be issued as well. If you have not received your membership ID card by opening weekend you will get it the first time you come to the pool.

Administration Email List

We Need

Your Help!

The Glacier Hills Association is a unique organization in that it is run by members who volunteer their time to help make this association of the community a success. Help us and your neighbor by considering to volunteer your time in one of the positions needed to make Glacier Hills run as smoothly as possible. Any consideration is greatly appreciated.  


Open Positions 

Committee Chairs:

Clam Bake


Section 1:

Section Representative: Mike Mulligan                        Email:

Section Addresses: Arate Lane: 2 - 8, Glacier Drive: 14 - 40, Moraine Road: 1 - 9

Section 2:

Section Representative:                                                  Email:

Section Addresses: Moraine Road: 10 - 49

Section 3:

Section Representative:                                                  Email:

Section Addresses: Moraine Road: 50 – 83, Forum Court: 1 - 8

Section 4:

Section Representative: Steve Bartroney                     Email:

Section Addresses: Tarn Drive: 37 - 60, Drumlin Drive: 2 - 17


Section 5:

Section Representative:                                                  Email:

Section Addresses: Tarn Drive: 10 – 36, Moraine Road: 85 - 97

Section 6:

Section Representative:                                                  Email:

Section Addresses: Ledgrock Court: 1 - 12, Tallwood Court: 2 - 12, Stoneyhill Court: 3 – 5, Tabor Road 775 – 891 (Odd)

Section 7:

Section Representative: Dinesh Samtani                     Email:

Section Addresses: Spencer Court: 1 – 21, Pondview Road: 1 – 12 & 46 - 55

Section 8:

Section Representative:                                                 Email:

Section Addresses: Pondview Road: 14 – 45, Woodstone Court: 4 – 15, Glacier Drive: 41 & 42, Rockridge Court: 1 - 5

Section 9:

Facility Membership.

Section Representative:                                                Email:

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